redress [rɪˈdrɛs]

vb (tr)

1. to put right (a wrong).

2. to correct or adjust (esp in the phrase redress the balance).


1. the act or an instance of setting right a wrong.

2. compensation, amends, or reparation for a wrong, injury, etc.

3. relief from poverty or want.

Last week, my Mum and I went to a Mothers’ Day High Tea where there was an Oxfam Fair Trade Pop Up Shop (in addition to delicious Fairtrade cakes, coffees, and tea).

I didn’t expect a shop and was completely unprepared – I didn’t even bring my wallet with me… which was ironic, since I ended up borrowing some cash of my dear Ma to replace my existing wallet with one that was nearly identical, but Fair Trade: Grey Leather Wallet by Artisans Effort.


I purchased my existing wallet in Myer around Christmas of 2011 (please excuse the wear and tear).


I was initially drawn to the size – small enough to fit in a handbag, but large enough to use as a clutch when needed. I loved the taupe colour. As a neutral, it goes with everything (but I was a bit finicky about avoiding wearing gold jewellery so as to not clash with the silver hardware of the wallet when using it as a clutch). It’s a little short on card storage and unfortunately the external zip broke after 6 months or so. It was otherwise in good condition, however, so I was making do… until I saw the new wallet at the Pop Up Shop.


The new wallet is also taupe, but more grey-based rather than brown-based. This suits my tastes since I tend to wear cool toned colours. The hardware is also silver, but there is less of it, which makes my picky side happy. Internally, it has plenty of storage for cards and coins (two zipped pockets) and two press studs for closing – the second press stud gives a bit of extra room and allows for easy closing when the wallet is on the fuller sider.


And the best part? It’s Fair Trade!


I was lucky to get the wallet – I wrestled it out of another girl’s hands another girl had an eye on it and very graciously let me buy it. I hope she found it online. It’s available here for just $29, proving that buying Fair Trade needn’t be expensive. In fact, it’s a third of the price that I paid (on sale!) in December 2011 for the nearly identical but less awesome wallet.

What do you look for in a wallet or purse? Does this tick all the boxes?

Yours Fairly,



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